“The tongue should be engaged in chanting and in eating the Lord’s prasada so that the other senses will be controlled. Chanting is the medicine, and prasada is the diet. With these processes one can begin his service, and as the service increases, the Lord reveals more and more to the devotee.”

SB 4.7.24 purport

srilaprabhupada2The Bhagavad-gita proclaims eating to be an extremely sacred activity when conducted with care, attention and spiritual consciousness. If we place an iron rod in a fire, soon the rod becomes red hot and acts just like fire. In the same way, food prepared for and offered to Krishna with love and devotion becomes completely spiritualised. Such food is called Krishna prasadam, which means “the mercy of Lord Krishna.” Eating prasadam is a fundamental practice of bhakti-yoga. In other forms of yoga one must artificially repress the senses, but the bhakti-yogi can engage his or her senses in a variety of pleasing spiritual activities.

Tip: It is recommended that one offer all their food to Krishna before
eating. From the purchase of the ingredients, to the cooking, then the
offering and finally the eating, every step can be an act of love which
brings one closer to God. The process starts with selecting ingredients, ideally those which are vegetarian, natural and fresh. In preparing food, cleanliness, attention to detail and devotion are the main principles. After cooking, arrange portions of the food on special dinner-ware kept especially for Krishna. The easiest way to offer food is simply to pray, “My dear Lord Krishna, please accept this humble offering”. There are also special mantras which can be chanted to invoke a devotional consciousness. Then you can accept that sanctified food and share it with others!

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