Sunday Feast Festival

The memory of my first Sunday Love Feast is as vivid today as it was when I first stepped into that humble Vancouver temple back in the summer of ’71. It was by far my most intense experience ever, one that was to change my life forever.

Gokulananda dasa – Vancouva, Canada

Apart from the regular festivals that our temples host through out the year, a festival which continues to attract and nourish devotees and guests alike is our Sunday Love Feast Program.

The Sunday program gives persons a chance to come in and have an enjoyable experience in the worship of Lord Krishna. While the details of the program may vary slightly from temple to temple, the essence of it is the same: devotional bhajans, ecstatic kirtans, thought provoking scriptural discourse, amazing aratik ceremony and, what is considered by many to be the cherry on top of it all, the sumptuous prasadam feast at the the end.

If you are wondering what to do this Sunday, here’s a suggestion, check out the Hare Krishna Sunday Feast.

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